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Reason For Being:

The word “Ikigai” is a japnese term that translates roughly to “Reason for being”- it comprises of something that you love to do, are good at, that can sustain you, and that the world needs; our Ikigai, our purpose in life, is to help your business succeed in this technologic world.

We provide unlimited support because we love to help business’s like yours.  We are confident in the recommendations we make and services we offer because we are experts. We instil a culture of cybersecurity first best practices because your business and the world needs it. And, we do so by packaging a holistic IT solution with defined and scallable costs so there’s never a surprise bill. Schedule a free consultation and find out how we can help remove your business’s IT obstacles from the equation.


Who’s Behind The Curtain?

At Ikigai One, we prioritize the operational security and information security of our clients. That’s why we don’t include pictures, bios, or links to LinkedIn profiles of our team members on our website or social media. We believe that it’s important to protect the personal information of our employees, as bad actors may use this information for social engineering or to try and crack password reset challenge questions.

We understand that when you visit the website of an IT service provider, you may wonder about their priorities. Outsourced IT Companies and Managed IT Service Providers are rapidly becoming targets of supply chain attacks by bad actors and threat groups. If they don’t prioritize securing their own information, how can you trust that they’ll prioritize securing yours? That’s why we lead by example and focus on building relationships with our clients through the work we do and the outcomes we achieve, rather than trying to sell you on professionally done photos and social media links. We believe that our experience and skills, not just our appearance, make us a strategic business partner for our clients.

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Trust is built through interaction and fulfillment of promises- Talk to a member of our team and see if we’re the right fit for your organization. We have experts here to help you with any of your critical business needs 24x7x366.

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